Monday, June 2, 2014

Ramping up radishes

Hoo boy. Where did May go?

I vaguely recall trips to Portland and Seattle -- and hurried sorties in and out of the kitchen when I was home. There was gardening to be done!

The Nine-One-Four, the perennial garden, and When Pigs Fly Farm, a shared community vegetable patch, are stern mistresses.

As a result, Because I Said So Kitchen has been sadly neglected. Not a good thing for a start-up food blog.

My vegetable gardening has taken off as usual -- poorly. I've planted, re-planted and re-replanted my lettuce, carrots and beets. That seems to de rigeur each year. But I do have radishes. Boy, do I.

I chose French breakfast radishes this year. And we are hooked. They're an addictive combination of peppery and sweet (and you know how I like my pepper), equally delicious eaten by themselves or tossed in a salad. Frenchies are rocking it out of the park at the Nine-One Four these days.

But woman can't live on salads alone (I probably should, but meh). Since the current food mag rage is roasted vegetables, I borrowed Roasted Radishes and Carrots from Food Network's "Ten Dollar Dinners" with Melissa d'Arabian.

BISSKitchen Up Shot: Folks, if you need a quick (25 minutes total! my kind of summer recipe), unique, flavorful seasonal vegetable side dish, this is the one for you. The roast draws out the inherent sweetness and earthiness of the carrots and radishes. They were delicious along side grilled steak -- I think they would kick it well with chicken, too. The jury's out on seafood; we'll give that a whirl over the next couple of weeks.

BISSKitchen Caveat: Next time I will use a bolder radish for more flavor -- the Frenchie was just a shade too subtle.

BISSKitchen Rating: On a scale of 1 (What WERE you thinking?) to 5 (The vegetable equivalent of crack cocaine), Roasted Radishes and Carrots gets a 4.5 -- just remember to get a shade bolder-flavored radish.

Now: Go eat your (roasted) vegetables!


Because I said so.

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